Goalie and Defence position development camp (SWZ U15 and U18)

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The SW Zone Hockey Association is once again pleased to offer a 10-week progressive Goaltender and Defenceman Development Camp, facilitated by Nathan Dempsey Hockey Advantage and instructed by Blair Falkner (Vimy Hockey Goaltending Instructor and teacher) and Nathan Dempsey (NHL alumni defenceman, Vimy Hockey Campus Director and Director of Nathan Dempsey Hockey Advantage). Details of the camps and instructors are below.

Due to limited ice times and COVID, we have decided to offer 2 goalie camps, but only 5 days total for the season while the defense camp will continue to be 10 days total.

Camp times & dates Terwillegar D Arena



WED 20-Oct-21 TCB 19:30 20:30 60
WED 27-Oct-21 TCB 19:30 20:30 60
WED 03-Nov-21 TCB 19:30 20:30 60
WED 17-Nov-21 TCB 19:30 20:30 60
WED 01-Dec-21 TCB 19:30 20:30 60
WED 15-Dec-21 TCB 19:30 20:30 60
WED 05-Jan-22 TCB 19:30 20:30 60
WED 19-Jan-22 TCB 19:30 20:30 60
WED 02-Feb-22 TCB 19:30 20:30 60
WED 16-Feb-22 TCB 19:30 20:30 60



WED 20-Oct-21 TCB 20:45 21:45 60
WED 27-Oct-21 TCB 20:45 21:45 60
WED 03-Nov-21 TCB 20:45 21:45 60
WED 17-Nov-21 TCB 20:45 21:45 60
WED 01-Dec-21 TCB 20:45 21:45 60
WED 15-Dec-21 TCB 20:45 21:45 60
WED 05-Jan-22 TCB 20:45 21:45 60
WED 19-Jan-22 TCB 20:45 21:45 60
WED 02-Feb-22 TCB 20:45 21:45 60
WED 16-Feb-22 TCB 20:45 21:45 60


About Ryan Faulkner
Currently Living in Edmonton, Alberta, Ryan has worked at Vimy Ridge Academy for the past 6 years, where he works with Vimy Hockey and AAD administration.  In addition to working with SWZ doing checking camps and skills camps, Ryan has also worked with other Edmonton minor hockey associations and Nathan Dempsey Hockey Advantage.


Ryan brings a strong background of experience and reputation to all the hockey camps he runs.  Ryan’s ability to connect with and motivate young hockey players makes his hockey training camps second to none. Ryan is also available for private team practice sessions. Please our player/coach development director for contact information to inquire about having him run your team’s practice session!  Ryan delivers game-changing hockey instruction for defence players in a fun, challenging, and supportive environment.

Sessions are designed to develop fundamental skills while improving each player’s success in, and enjoyment of the game.

Defenceman development sessions will focus on:

  • Individual skill development:  Agility, footwork, backward skating, pivoting, passing & shooting.
  • Individual defensive tactics: How to defend a 1 vs 1, 2 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 2, gap control, breakouts, shot-blocking, stick check, body contact, and more.

About Blair Faulkner
Currently Living in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Blair is a teacher at Vimy Ridge Academy in Edmonton, where he works with Vimy Hockey and specifically Vimy Goaltending.  Since starting at Vimy Ridge Academy in 2013, Blair has utilized the OR Sports method of goaltending instruction.  In addition to this, he also coaches goaltenders and performs evaluations for minor hockey organizations in and around the Edmonton area.

Goalie Development Sessions:
1- Movement
2- Efficiency
3- Technique
4- Consistency

  1. Progressing through and practicing the proper technique for movement throughout the crease, allowing the goaltender to be square to the shooter with feet set in the most efficient way possible. Leading with stick and hands, keeping chest square to shot, utilizing necessary t-push, shuffle, or step depending on the situation. Drills will be designed to allow goaltenders to work on fundamentals of movement to reduce time spent moving and allow for quick and square positioning.
  2. Goaltending continues to evolve. It is important goaltenders are able to combine their unique style of play with an approach that suits today's game. Drills will be designed to teach and practice moving and setting up as efficiently as possible. This includes a selection of depth in the crease and foot movement to help facilitate sound positioning.
  3. A goaltender cannot move properly if they have deficiencies in their basic setup. Instruction will be provided to encourage fundamentals within the goaltender's basic stance and movement to reduce and eliminate these deficiencies. This includes feet and hand positioning and chest angle to the ice.
  4. By establishing a good foundation of proper stance, efficient movement, and being technically sound, a goaltender will develop more consistency and confidence in his/her game. Also, through this instruction, the goaltender will continue to develop the ability to critique and address deficiencies in their own game so that growth can occur throughout the season and not just when a goalie coach is present.

All of the goalie development sessions will combine the above skills and will be set up in a way to cater to a goaltenders’ ability. Younger goalies will focus more on fundamentals while older and more advanced goalies will work on more specific habits and skills. A focus will be placed on "teaching" rather than just drills and reps. Goaltenders need to know why they are practicing certain skills and then have an opportunity to practice and have their movements corrected and praised through quality repetitions.

Stewart Sim
Coach/Player Development and 
Hockey School